446 Reasons to Filter Your Water and Change Your Toothpaste

Lee Camp explains the fluoridation situation nicely.

If we the people want fluoride out of their water supply, toothpaste, mouthwashes, and processed foods, why won't the government comply?

Is the government intentionally poisoning us with fluoride so we are dumber, more docile, and less confrontational?

That's what my gut has been telling me for the last several years.

This 4:46 second video offers at least 446 rock solid reasons to filter your water, switch to non-fluoridated toothpaste, avoid all fluoridated products, and to inform your loved ones about the dangers of fluoride.

The Free Store could not have come online at a better time.

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I have a moral hangup about including the following commercial additions to this post, but fuck it.  I just started an online store devoted to surviving depopulation and I need to get the message out.

I'm tired of seeing my friends brushing their teeth with and drinking poison.

If you're going to buy toothpaste anyway, why not get it from someone concerned about your health, intelligence, and freedom?

Please help spread the message, but first save yourself and stop consuming fluoride.  It's easy to cut fluoride, and it's crucial that you do... unless you want to be dumb, docile, and dead.

Fact: fluoride is neurotoxic and carcinogenic.

Though fluoride is bad for people it is added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, processed foods, and municipal water supplies to make people dumbdocile, and dead.

Fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland in our brains.  This calcification hinders our sleep cycle, brain anti-oxidant production and repair, and hinders our spiritual lives.

Dosing yourself with poison twice daily is a bad idea, so please don't brush your teeth with it.  One of the most affordable ways to improve your overall health and raise your IQ is to stop exposing yourself to neurotoxic and carcinogenic fluoride.

Fluoride free toothpaste is a great, affordable gift for friends who are not quite awake yet. Maybe it will get them thinking...   

Getting fluoride out of your toothpaste is easy.  Getting it out of the water you drink is not much more difficult!  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and filter your water.

The human body is 70% water.  You are what you drink.  More than any other factor, clean water is essential to proper health and adequate hydration speeds detoxification of many common pollutants.

Unfortunately, many municipal water supplies are being intentionally poisoned with fluoride.  Other water pollution sources include industry, fracking, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and chemtrails.

Most bottled water is not very clean and the bottles contain toxic petrochemicals like BPA, an estrogen mimicking compound that causes cancer. Bottled water is also a waste of money and resources.

I have used both freestanding and undersink units.  I prefer the more portable freestanding units because I rent my home and prefer to be mobile.  I also like a countertop model available from my friend Igor at Pure Effect Filters.

Check out page two for camping filters and showerhead systems. Filtering the water you bathe in is a good idea.
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