NY Times "Exposes" Junk Food Industry: Fails to Mention GMO's, MSG, HFCS, Aspartame, Pesticides, Irradiation, or Much of Anything

If the mainstream media was intentionally trying to prove itself worthless, it wouldn't have to do much differently.

Yesterday the NY Times Magazine published a long, rambling, primarily irrelevant article called, "The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food".  Note that the title does not damn the junk food industry whose products are destroying human health, literally killing people, and causing the corrupt medical establishment to flourish.

What does the Times blame for our epidemic of preventable illness? The usual scapegoats: Fat, Sugar, and Salt.  In reality, actual fats, sugars, and salts are essential to human health.  It is the artificial substances masquerading as food, the pesticides, the genetically modified organisms, and the downright toxic additives put in our food that is truly responsible for the decline in human health.

Instead of calling for action or focusing on the broader social implications of a toxic food supply the Times offers its deepest condolences and pity instead.  The magazine cover says it all with the caption: "I feel so sorry for the public" as if they the Times, its writers, and its readers are somehow exempt from the covert poisoning as a means of generating medical revenues and controlling/culling the population.

The #1-rated reader comment on the article says everything else I'm trying to say, so here it is...

Valley Lee, Md.

In this whole very large article, there was not one word about genetically modified food, hybridized wheat or high fructose corn syrup and the science surrounding the addictive attributes of these substances. The science exists, but the media steadfastly refuses to follow up on it. Fat, sugar, salt, etc are not harmful. It is what has been done to our normal food, that has caused our illnesses. Cargill, Monsanto, Kraft, Pillsbury, etc, etc. are all participants in the industrial food system that has made a few generations of humans very sick. You can see a direct connection with the rise of our major modern diseases and the rise of gmo's, hybridized wheat and high fructose corn syrup. Irradiation, preservatives, and other modern methods of food processing, has sealed the coffin on the public's health, with our colons deprived of good bacteria and natural enzymes. It is no wonder our healthcare costs have skyrocketed and the pharms are making a killing.