Modern American Zeros: Drone Operators (they're not real pilots)

It's high time we started calling out our fellow humans who have lost their way and are doing what can only be defined as evil.  This new series will expose those who think they're doing good when they're actually screwing up royally and wrecking things for the rest of us.

We'll start off with a group so easy to expose that it's like shooting fish in a barrel which is almost as easy as bombing innocent civilians with computer guided missiles from slowly flying, high altitude remote control aircraft.  Today we target those targetting us: DRONE OPERATORS.

The mainstream misleadia tells us that drone operators are at the cutting edge of progressive science and technology.  We are told that drone operators are helping to "spread democracy, defend freedom, and prevent terrorism" as part of the military's kinder, gentler, surgically accurate, and ecologically sustainable "global force for good".  We are encouraged to believe that heavily armed, ever-watchful remote control aircraft flying overhead here in the "homeland" will somehow make us safer from terrorists or criminals.  All of this is rather funny, since the majority of Americans know that the most dangerous criminals and terrorists wear expensive suits or military uniforms and work at places like the NYSE, the White House, and the Pentagon.

In actual reality, drone operators are pawns in the global conquest of imperial fascists.  The drones now used -- both domestically and abroad -- to spy on and kill "suspected militants, terrorists, domestic terrorists" and a whole lot of innocent bystanders are the antithesis of democracy and the epitome of terrorism.  If that statement sounds like a stretch, riddle me this...

RE:Democracy please tell me how you would reason with or debate a drone flying thousands of feet overhead or democratically interact with drone operators thousands of miles away.  Drones can watch you anonymously and blow you up with no democratic checks/balances.

RE:Terrorism please tell me something more terrifying than being perpetually watched and living with the fear of being covertly blown up by a computer guided missile while you may or may not be surrounded by loved ones.  An ever growing number of people in an ever growing number of countries live with this fear every day.  If inflicting that terror on people isn't the epitome of "terrorism" what is?

These drones are really designed and implemented to put the fear of "god" into people, to make people believe that they are continually being watched by a godlike eye in the sky, and to make people fear the prospect of being struck down by a bolt out of the blue.  Globalist Technocrats are playing god with our food, water, health care, chemical composition, economy, and weather.  Drone warfare is just one more crazy scheme at playing god.

Therefore drone operators are like altar boys in the modern religion of Capitalist, Consumerist, Fascist, Imperial Technocracy where they with the most money, the most power, the fanciest toys, and the most pathological personalities get to make the rules, live like kings, and act like gods.  Drone operators are their errand boys and all they're really doing is consolidating power among the corrupt/insane, spreading fear/hatred, destroying democracy, ending lives, and causing much more  terrorism than would exist if they simply minded their own business, played by God's rules, and payed a fair price for goods/services instead of stealing them via endless wars of aggression.

Congratulations, Drone Operators!  For your extreme cowardice, shameless snoopery, anonymous terrorism, and failure to stand for anything resembling actual freedom, bravery, or truth it is my extreme displeasure to dishonor you with the disgusting distinction of being the subject of this, the first installment, of Modern American Zeros.

Shame on you.