Evidence of Breakthrough Energy Tech on 9/11: The Dawn of a New Age: Dr. Judy Wood

This is one of the most fascinating and thought-provoking videos I have ever seen. I have nibbled at Dr. Judy Wood's work for the last year, but this is the first full length film of one of her presentations that I have ever seen.

Remember that you shouldn't believe everything you see, read or hear, but it's important to keep an open mind and change your opinions in the presence of new information.

This video presents a lot of information that will be new to many people.  It meshes with my own understanding of suppressed new energy technologies and the potential for their weaponization.  If this video is factual, it contains the key to the dawn of a new age.

Perhaps the dark clouds left by the false flag attacks of 9/11 have a silver lining after all...

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland from Breakthrough Energy Movement on Vimeo.