Corrupt Bank Regulators Exposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (VIDEO)

This short video highlights how corrupt and worthless the federal institutions that *supposedly* regulate the big banks and financial institutions have become.  Senator Elizabeth Warren repeatedly asks a a simple question of the bank regulators: "when was the last time you took a big bank to trial?"  None of those "public servants" can answer that question, because they haven't taken any of the banks to trial because they consider those banks "too big to fail" and their leaders "too big to jail".  Can you smell the corruption?

We all know the big banks intentionally inflated the real estate bubble, intentionally popped it, and intentionally bet against the losses incurred in a crashing economy while the rest of us suffered greatly.  We also know they engage in bid rigging (like LIBOR) and profit-skimming HFT (high frequency trading).  We also know that all currency is in fact debt owed to the biggest banks.  In short, the BANKSTERS have been robbing us via several different scams.  As if it could get any worse, they flipped the script, played the victim, and got bailed out with at least $16 TRILLION that leaves them with unprecedented assets while the rest of us suffer inflation.  Its no wonder that the rich are getting richer while the rest of us are getting the shaft.  Watch and share, please.  Peace.