The *NEW* DHS International® MaxxPro® Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles remind me of a recurring dream from my childhood.

The Department of Homeland Security recently retrofitted 2,717 MRAPs for more localized "service"... Uncle Sam and his Bankster Daddy are apparently not satisfied with pissing off and intimidating the rest of the world so they're now bringing the battlefield to the homefront.  WTF is wrong with the "OUR" GOVERNMENT?!
There have been no riots in America recently and Occupy Wall Street protesters have shown incredible restraint while facing blatant and widespread police brutality, countless incidences of unlawful detention, media blackouts surrounding police atrocities, and an atmosphere of intimidation and humiliation courtesy of Bankster-Funded boys in blue.  The People have shown that they want PEACE and PROSPERITY, while the Police State prepares to instigate the opposite.

While arguably man-made natural disasters sweep the globe, economies crumble, and international relations continue to deteriorate, our elected control freaks and their faceless handlers apparently have nothing better to do than needlessly oppress their own people.  The suppression of technological and cultural evolution through brainwashing the masses is no longer working - big thanks to the internet - so now the powers that be are resorting to more overt and less humane tactics: attempting to start riots so they can squash them, attempting to shift blame to the masses and in doing so turn the public anger directed towards them against itself, and creating a climate of fear to justify adding more layers of oppression to their ungodly scheme for domination and control.

The problem is an out of control government controlled by banksters and corporations.  The reaction is disgust and anger.  The only viable solution is peaceful disengagement from their fundamentally flawed, utterly corrupt, and blatantly failing system.

It sucks that Trayvon Martin got killed by a paranoid dumbass, but the media spectacle surrounding the incident is an even more disgusting thing to behold.  The mainstream media is using classic divide and conquer tactics to amplify existing racial tensions between whites and blacks.  Headlines like The Washington Post's "Trayvon Martin Case: Poll Finds Stark Racial Divide" are obviously designed to redirect anger away from failed government, endless war, financial fraud, and the creeping police state by directing it towards the racist tendencies many Americans suffer from and because of.

The mainstream media is a joke, and anyone who doesn't critically analyze everything fed to them by the mainstream is a  perpetually-exploited pawn.  Wake up!

Enough of their nonsense, let me get on to explaining this dream.  It wasn't exactly a nightmare but it was disturbing and it came to me many times when I was 8-10 years old.  I remember it vividly because it contradicted so starkly with the small town, middle American, conservative Catholic upbringing I lived through during my waking hours.

In that dream I was a grown up working for the government as an "Officer of Crowd Control" specializing in addressing the "Population Predicament".  I was dressed in black and covered with body armor and we rode around in a big black truck with gun ports on the side shockingly similar to the MRAP's we're now seeing across America.  The dream was always a little different but it generally entailed driving around a city that looked like LA and using a machine gun to mow down civilians for no apparent reason.  Sick and twisted?  No doubt, but at least it wasn't real... it was only a recurring dream from my childhood over 20 years ago.

Mind you this was around the year 1990, well before the era of realistic first-person shooter video games.  My parents didn't let us watch violent TV or movies either, so I cannot fathom where my young mind conjured this creepy and repetitive vision beyond reconciling that it came from somewhere and meant something.

It appears that the future foretold in that dream may now be approaching reality.

Judging by the gun ports on these recently retrofitted MRAPs, the DHS is expecting to need the capability to drive around mowing down civilians.  And why wouldn't they prepare for that?  Murdering civilians is common practice in America's many wars overseas, and Obama recently declared all of America a battlefield.

Mediated, economic, biological, electromagnetic, psychological, and gloved-fist police state warfare is already being waged against many Americans by their own government, so what's to stop that government from firing shots?

It's just a damn shame to see things go down like this.  Peace and Prosperity are possible if we'd all just open our eyes.  Please continue opening your own and try to wake your friends.

Ohhh yeah, and waiting for Ron Paul to swoop in and save you is dumb as fuck.  He is part of the solution, but he cannot do it alone, and the time for direct action is now...